How Carlsbad Chiropractors Can Help Sinus Issues

The skull and fiscal bone’s air-filled cavity is what is referred to as sinuses. To understand the different sinus that you have, it is important to consider the position they occupy in your head. For instance, frontal sinuses are located behind your forehead, while your maxillary sinuses are located slightly behind your cheeks.

Healthy sinuses play a role in ensuring the air we breathe in has sufficient humidity and free from unwanted particles, thanks to the thick mucus they have on their lining.

These filters ensure that the kidneys, lungs, and blood stay safe from toxin invasion. Remember, the presence of toxins in these two organs and blood has a potential to cause infections such as the sinus infection.

Sinus infection (sinusitis) refers to the sinus’ soft tissue lining inflammation, which is characteristic of yellow discharge coming out of the nose. This discharge influences the quality of breath you get. This infection also causes your sinuses to swell especially in the nasal passage areas and in the eye areas. When you get this sinus infection, you are prone to sinus aching which manifests in pain on your forehead, or in the area between the eyes.

Even though Chiropractors in Carlsbad are widely known to adjust the back and neck, they can also adjust the sinus. For instance, if your neck’s vertebra goes out of alignment, your Chiropractor may improve your sinus’ drainage by adjusting your facial bones. This adjustment helps in dealing with the sinus obstruction problem, thus achieving a more effective drainage that also facilitates better and comfortable breathing.

In addition, Carlsbad Chiropractic and Integrative Wellnesscare in Carlsbad is an important preventative therapy when it comes to the addressing of your chronic sinus issues. Chiropractors have the capacity of stimulating your drainage thereby preventing the buildup of mucus thus facilitating the improvement of signal transmission from the nervous system to the sinus.

Treatment Alternatives

While seeking to treat a sinus infection, some people choose natural remedies.

  • You can consume raw honey – raw honey strengthens your immune system and increases your tolerance to breathing in pollen.
  • Cease the use of nasal sprays that can cause the drying out of your sinuses. Remember, when your sinuses dry out, your mucosal membrane responds with the production of more mucus
  • Avoid coming in contact with cigarette smoke.
  • Be mindful of your diet. Some foods can make your sinuses to swell and can even worsen your sinus problem. These foods include flour, sugars, salt, and fried foods.

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